Legacy chiseled with heart, soul, and a hammer

Hi, I’m Joel! I carve and cut letters into stone with hammer and chisel. Work includes custom memorials, plaques, inscriptions, and more.  My goal is to chronicle legacy with significance and distinction, whether for my clients or the artwork at hand. Natural, wild, local stone is a particular treat of mine to create in, though I also work in marble, slate, and other types of rock.

Follow along in the Journal for the latest updates and full photo galleries on projects.

Also, tune in to the official Stone Carvers Guild Podcast (below) that I help to produce and host – learning from some of the best names in stone carving!

What makes this different?

Traditional stone lettering has a unique look and feel, offering a timeless quality that is also sure to handle the test of time while retaining an emotional connection to the design and craft behind its creation.

But aren’t gravestones carved by hand? Most modern headstones in the United States are produced through a sandblasting process. While beautiful and effective in its own right, I have a great fondness for hand-cut stone and the place it holds in history, as well as the unique look it maintains over more machined processes.

Check out my Journal for a more in-depth discussion about my work

Traditional methods

A hammer, chisel, and a keen eye are my tools.

Natural stone

Combining language and lettering with natural beauty.

Custom made

Centuries-old process means no two projects are the same.

Pace matters

It takes time, but ensuring you’re proud of the work for decades to come.

Local craftsman

I have a love for the craft and an interest in the furthering of traditional stone lettering in America.

Glory to God

I hope my work and its quality serves as glorifying to God, who has put this passion on my heart.

How does the process work?

It’s important to understand the process stone carving takes. Flip through the timeline below for a general overview of the steps involved.

Step 1 - Idea

Contact me about a possible project.

Step 2 - Consult

One-on-one consultation where we discuss the process and the project in mind.

Step 3 - Design

I design the project with visualizations in the stone and work to make it fits your expectations.

Step 4 - Carve

Work in the stone itself! This part of the process takes the longest by far under most circumstances.

Step 5 - Presentation

Delivery and presentation of the final project. In certain circumstances, this includes installation.

Step 6 - Repeat

Repeat clients are the best clients.

Etsy Shop

I’m excited to announce a selection of custom works available on my Etsy page. It is being updated over time with various small projects available for purchase, custom carvings available for hire, and much more!

Looking for a more in-depth project? Contact me directly!

About the Craftsman | Joel Penhorwood

I am a professional communications specialist who got my start in stone carving through a fascination with history and the long-lasting impact of language when carved in stone. Over time, I found a community of like-minded carvers and crafting tradition.

I am a member of the Stone Carver’s Guild and actively work to improve my skills, focusing on the development of letterforms in stone with hammer and chisel.

Want to learn more? Contact me.

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