Legacy chiseled with heart, soul, and a hammer

Hi, I’m Joel! I carve and cut letters into stone with hammer and chisel. Work includes custom memorials, plaques, inscriptions, and more.  My goal is to chronicle your legacy with significance and distinction. Natural, wild, local stone is a particular treat of mine to create in, though I also work in marble, granite, and more traditional stones.

Follow along in the Journal for the latest updates and full photo galleries on projects.

Traditional methods
Hammer, chisel, and a keen eye are our tools.
Natural stone
Our creations combine language with nature’s beauty.
Custom made
This centuries-old process means no two projects are the same.
Pace matters
We take our time, ensuring you’re proud of the work for decades to come.
Local craftsman
A direct line to the craftsman at work.
Small business
We’re happy when you’re happy.

We pursue our passion for finest quality.

Learn more about what makes handmade products so good.
Created with true passion and love. Our work isn’t fast, but it’s deliberate. We take this approach to our age-old craft so it lasts long after we’re gone.
Every product is designed individually, with beauty, simplicity, and your legacy at the forefront of everything we do. Each project begins with a one-on-one client consultation. No two creations are the same.
Carved completely by hand. Traditional techniques with hammer, chisel, and passion means we take the long way around because we care about the details.

Work in progress

An overview of our carving process
Step 1 - Idea
Contact us about a possible project
Step 2 - Consult
One-on-one consultation where we explain our process and discuss the project in mind
Step 3 - Design
We design the project with visualizations in the stone and work to make sure it fits your expectations.
Step 4 - Work
Work in the stone itself!
Step 5 - Presentation
We deliver the final product
Step 6 - Repeat
We hope you are so happy with your project, you recommend us to others while coming back for more yourselves.

We are excited to announce that we have a selection of custom works available on our Etsy page. Looking for a more in-depth project? Contact us directly!

About the Craftsman | Joel Penhorwood

Joel is a professional communications specialist who got his start in stone carving through his fascination with history and the long-lasting impact of language when carved in stone. He is a member of the Stone Carver’s Guild and actively improving his craft, focusing on the development of letterforms in stone with hammer and chisel.

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